New Single Direction Gasoline Vibratory Plates

Vibratory Plates
Single Direction Gasoline Vibratory Plates

The BPS series is distinguished by its outstanding handling capabilities. Moving and turning these vibratory plates on fresh asphalt is unsurpassed in comfort and produces clean finishes with no marks. Even clean finishes at curbs are easy to produce due to the angular side edges of the base plate. The guide handle responds precisely to steering movements while still achieving low hand-arm vibrations of less than 5 m/s², which makes long and comfortable working conditions possible. Available with either Honda or Briggs and Stratton Engines. 

Models include: BPS1135A, BPS1135AW, BPS1340A, BPS1340AW, BPS1550B, BPS1550BW, BPS2050BW, BPS2050B

The VP series of vibratory plates offer a compact design and are ideal for base preparation, asphalt compaction, interlocking paving stones and for compaction of mixed soils in confined spaces. Typical applications are landscape, road, sidewalk and parking lot construction. With the specially shaped base plate the machines can easily be maneuvered and guided around obstructions and along curbs, gutters and buildings. Using the wheel set (accessory), the plates can be easily moved around the job site by one person. 

Models include: VP1550A, VP1550AW, VP2050A, VP2050AW

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